Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader 2012 Calendar! So Tropical! [PHOTOS]


Tis the season for NFL cheerleader calendars. Soon we will be seeing these surfacing left and right, but at the moment the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders are winning the off-season. Our friends at The 700 Level got their hands on some photos and a behind the scenes video showcasing some of the hottest babes in the calendar. Philadelphia broads often get a bad rap but these photos prove all the naysayers wrong.

The calendars theme deals with preserving clean water…hence the water in every single picture with the girls. Hats off to the Eagles cheerleading crew, but let this be a call to all other teams. We want to see hotter cheerleaders, skimpier bikinis and racier shots.

Buy the calendar now!

For the rest of the photos and a behind the scenes video, head over to The 700 Level.

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