Italians Now Pumping Out Very Gay Michelle Jenneke Spoof Videos


Word on the street is that the Michelle Jenneke – World’s Sexiest Hurdler – craze is getting bigger thanks to the usual suspects on the Internet. She’s been asked to pose naked and the Italians are pumping out homoerotic spoof videos.

Need further proof? This one just showed up in our inbox this morning – straight from the streets of Rome.

Nice hairy ass, Jenneke.

Posted: July 24, 2012

Premise of Video: Of course you’ve seen Michelle Jenneke shakin’ her ass before a World Junior Track Championship hurdle race. Now comes Enzo racing for a loaf of bread.

Climax of Video: Was the ass shot necessary?

Conclusion: Points deducted for the weak belly shirt. You have to pull that shirt tight, tie it in the back and accentuate the fat rolls. Nice try, though.

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