Hottest SEC Cheerleader Ever Competitor: Florida’s Tarin [PHOTOS]

After the pot shot we took at Florida cheerleaders yesterday, I thought Gators should have the opportunity to respond. So after perusing the interwebs, there was Tarin. Now, I can’t tell you if she’s the smartest cheerleader ever, but I do know she was smart enough to snag the projected starting quarterback for the Gators next year: Jeff Driskel. That is some quick thinking on Miss Tarin’s part if you ask me.

So we’re going to throw her into the battle for the hottest cheerleader in the SEC. It’s a fierce battle, but I have a feeling Tarin has already won the boyfriend sweepstakes in Gainesville and this would just be a little chocolate syrup on the top of her sundae. As if she actually eats sundaes. But you get the point. Screw it, let’s just move on to the pictures.