Can 6’9″ Karl Malone Fit In A Scion IQ? Not Comfortably


Never would’ve guessed Karl Malone would sell his ass kickin’ Toyota Tundra so that he could get better gas mileage with a Scion iQ. Wait, this tiny car gets great gas mileage, right? Try 36/city & 37 on the highway. And 6-9 power forwards don’t exactly fit very well, according to this test at his Scion dealership last week in Utah. Get this, the specs on this ride claims you can get four people in the iQ.

Seriously, says so right here.

You are 4-11 and looking for the ideal car? Get yourself to Draper, Utah and visit Karl’s dealership. Not in Utah? Head to Karl’s other Scion dealership in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

*That’s not to say that Karl won’t drive the Scion. He will and like a maniac. You only need to watch the first minute or so when Karl did some drifting back in May.


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