How Not To Be A 2012 Olympian: Falling Off The High Dive [VIDEO]

As you know, the London Olympics get started this week with soccer matches and the opening ceremony on Friday. To celebrate this great sporting event and all that it stands for, Busted Coverage will spend the next two weeks bringing you ‘How Not To Be A 2012 Olympian.’ It’s our attempt to honor those people who’ll never have a gold medal draped around their necks. It’s our small little tribute to those failures who give it their all.

Have an Olympic sport failure video we need to see for this series? Send it in. Just make sure the failure takes place in an Olympic sport.


Posted: June 19, 2012

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) Dan (Palombo) fell off the side of a 10 foot diving board by grabbing on to two polls on both sides to stop him but only grabs one so he swings around and falls on the concrete. He did this to save a little girls life. He did not hurt himself in anyway when he fell so some kids at my school r calling him a god.

Climax of Video: Seriously, Dan stops his jump and falls off the friggin’ high-dive. You’re smart enough to figure out the climax.

Conclusion: Russian judge still gives Dan a 6 because she’s Russian and dumb.

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