Hottest SEC Cheerleader Ever Competitor: Mississippi State’s Hayley [20 PHOTOS]

Mississippi State really is the redheaded step-child of the SEC. Everybody usually leaves Vanderbilt alone because they are just too damn smart to screw with. And even though Ole Miss sucks at pretty much everything, The Grove totally makes up for the losing culture. So that just leaves Miss State to take the brunt. And it’s not like they help themselves with those goddamn cow bells! That shit is annoying people, stop it!

One thing Mississippi State does right, however, is recruit cheerleaders. They may be an Ag school full of bumpkins, but they still have a smoking hot spirit squad. Haley is just one example of the hotness that abounds on the Bulldogs sidelines. And, apparently, they unleash Haley and the girls on the baseball field too. That is a major win in my book!