University Of Louisville Sorority Chick Drunk Pool Tebowing & A Metallic Tebow!


Baby Jesus has been quietly toning his game in the weeks leading up to training camp. Haven’t seen or heard much from him since his sushi date with Sanchez and Santonio. You know what that means? All of the Tebow nuts have to act twice as crazy to make up for the lack of Timmy in their lives. We have a drunk broad Tebowing – while drinking – while halfway underwater. It’s also a Tebow eBay day on BC! JUMP!

As is protocol, Tebowing photos are usually barred from BC unless it involves a hot girl and/or a stripper. Twitter user @Jillian_Rickard fits the hot girl category, and appears to be a sorority babe from the University of Louisville. Things got a little wild for Jillian and she decided to Tebow, while chugging some sort of booze in the pool. She tweeted this message:

Good effort Jillian, and congratulations on being today’s Moment of Tebow.

We roll on with two absurd Tebow listings on eBay. First we bring you a half Jesus/Tebow painting…for the low price of $1,599. That’s right, for just under $1,600 you can take home this one of a kind oil painting. eBay user contradictionwearcom says:

I have been sucked into the Tebow Mania along with many other in the nation.

Yeah bro, we have too, but $1,600 is pushing it. Only a week left to bid on this gem, so move fast.

Wrapping up today’s Moment’s of Tebow, we have a ridiculous metallic Tebowing statue. This one really baffles us. Looks like something we could have made high school shop class. eBay seller tooltym is selling this piece of “art” for $1,400! Better be made out of pure gold if BC is spending anywhere near close to $1,400 on that thing. Bidding wraps up in about two days, so move it or lose it!

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