Aussie Rugby Star Greg Inglis Faces 4-Week Suspension For THIS Hit [VIDEO]


Take Troy Polamalu, remove his pads and helmet, let him roam free to make vicious hits on a rugby pitch and you have 25-year-old Aussie stud Greg Inglis. The guy pretty much tried to kill his opponent, Dean Young, over the weekend in a match against St George Illawarra. Watch this hit. Watch it closely. Watch it a few times. Watch it in full speed. As you can imagine, Australia is going nuts over one of the most vicious hits in rugby history.

The NRL (National Rugby League) gave Inglis the choice: accept a four-game suspension or fight them and get it down to a three-game suspension. He has chosen to fight, according to Australian national media.

Seems like the logical decision.

Posted: July 22, 2012

Premise of Video: Inglis kinda leads with a shoulder into a defenseless rugby dude. Not sure on the correct terminology. That means you rugby dorks can just save the comments.

Climax of Video: That guy’s jaw pretty much getting snapped into five new continents.

Conclusion: The Inglis hit was only worthy of a four-game suspension. Here’s what will get you a 15-week suspension in Aussie rugby. A chicken wing shot to a guy’s head. Travis Burns will be missing some action this season.

Burns had just recently learned that his team wasn’t going to sign him for the 2013 season.

The 28-year-old finished the afternoon in hot water after being sent off for a high shot and reported for a chicken wing tackle on, respectively, Roosters props Martin Kennedy and Mose Masoe.

It’s also understood NRL prosecutor Peter Kite will rely on an alleged verbal exchange between Burns and Kennedy to prove the high shot was intentional but Kennedy can only recall “a bit of niggle in the play-the-ball” and even wished Burns well next week.

“It is just one of them things, he may have mistimed it and I probably fell into it a little bit as well,” Kennedy said yesterday.

“I have definitely got no hard feelings and there is nothing I would hope that would happen to him.”

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