World’s Hottest Golfer – Sophie Horn – Is Back With Ryder Cup Photos

I was just minding my business last night, enjoying a Sunday evening on Twitter when an email popped into the inbox. It was from some guy named Ashley Woolfe and he was offering up a photo of the “World’s Hottest Golfer,” UK native Sophie Horn. “I have a picture of The World’s Sexiest Golfer, Sophie Horn, caught changing in the car park at The Open at Lytham. Please email me and I will send it to you,” Woolfe wrote.

And he did send the photo.

But it was just a photo of a hot chick with her shirt off in a car, wearing her famous belt and a white bra.

That’s it. Just a photo.

So there were some questions. Like, what are you promoting? What’s Sophie up to these days? And here’s what we received.

She is about to shoot next year’s calendar.

She has her own ‘Horn’ buckle and belt.

She’s done some shots for The Ryder Cup, all attached.

& she is doing a Horn tour of the Hotel/golf group who is one of her sponsors over the next two months.

Finally, she’s been adopted as a Forces Sweetheart by some British & US troops in Afghanistan who have been in touch with us, via her website.

Look, I have no problem with PR agents pushing their clients, especially when they look like Ms. Horn. There is a huge void in hot chicks holding golf clubs. We get 4-5 pics of a chick in her bra holding golf clubs for the Ryder Cup and that’s a story. Instant.

Let this be a lesson to all you rookie marketing agents. Your premise for a seeded post on BC can be complete bullshit, but it will get posted if the photos are even remotely decent. Does Sophie Horn even play competitive professional golf? Couldn’t tell you one way or the other. And you shouldn’t even care.

Just appreciate that a hot chick is willing to use her breasts to promote a stale sport. USA! USA!

[Official: Sophie Horn]   [@sophiehorn]


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