Paulina Gretzky’s Bikinis Keep Getting Smaller [PHOTOS]

It had been six long days since Paulina Gretzky updated her Instagram account. Hell, she hadn’t even tweeted since July 16…an eternity in Paulina Gretzky Twitter time. Thankfully, she couldn’t contain herself and posted a few saucy pics yesterday of her enjoying a fruity beverage. Oh yeah, and her bikini top is about as small as we’ve ever seen. We’re talking near nip slips here just from normal wear. The girl can’t stand a week out of the limelight, but you won’t hear a complaint from us.

Paulina just posted this update today on Twitter:

If you recall a few weeks back, Paulina dropped the bomb that was the green bikini photos. Yes, those photos were taken in Boston for a scene in the upcoming film Grown Ups 2. Might she be in town for a re-shoot? Does Adam Sandler want to see some more of that ass? We’ll just have to stay tuned.


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