Florida State Players Are Now Banned From Twitter

According to Yahoo!, Florida State and Jimbo Fisher has banned his players from using the popular social media service Twitter. An FSU friend of mine sent me in some screenshots of some questionable tweets of some FSU players. I didn’t think much of it and posted them up. One of them involved a player, Tyler Hunter, quoting a Lil’ Boosie lyric talking about killing cops (this was not referenced). Could this have caused the FSU Twitter ban?  JUMP!

Have something from College Football today that we missed? Spotted a hot chick we need to investigate? Do your thing.


Here is the Tweet that probably caused all of this:

After posting this, almost every major site you can think of picked up the story. Most sites took the same approach as me saying “this probably shouldn’t have been posted”. Another site and an FSU site that seemed to really not like me very much took the approach that I shouldn’t have posted this at all because these kids have a right to not be scrutinized. If I posted this kind of stuff at their same age and it was found, would I get it trouble at my job? I’m pretty sure I would. In my opinion, when you sign your letter of intent to play football for a major school, you agree to the terms of being spotlighted in the media.

These players are put all over every major network showing off their highlights and we are supposed to ignore what they do when off the field? Kind of seems like a double standard. It seems like FSU didn’t agree with what was coming from their player’s feeds. I don’t exactly agree with the decision because I think players should be taught to use it correctly. Until then, it looks like FSU football players will not be able to express their opinions in 140 characters or less.

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