Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Bikini Pics From 2013 Calendar [PHOTOS]

The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders strike again. It was just over a month ago when the girls dropped their “Call Me Maybe” cover video. Yes, we can all collectively smile at the memory of that. Now comes some sexy bikini pics previewing their upcoming 2013 calendar. Can these girls be stopped? Is there a more impressive team in the NFL than the Dolphins cheerleaders? Honestly, probably not. These girls continue to bring the heat and this calendar is no different.

If these preview pics don’t get you drooling in anticipation for the full calendar, something might be wrong with you. Other NFL cheerleaders must just look at the Dolphins squad with envy because these girls can literally do no wrong.

Pre-order the calendar today. You know it will make a welcome addition to your grey cubicle.

[Official Dolphins Cheerleaders Website] [Dolphins Cheerleaders Facebook]