Jim McMahon Still Drinking Beers [PHOTOS]

You know why it’s hard to dislike Jim McMahon? This guy can barely remember his wife’s name, forgets why he walked into a room, yet he’s still drinking like a champ. Still throwing down Coors. Is that a blue Solo shot glass at a recent Kenny Chesney concert? If dementia and a damaged brain is going to turn him into a vegetable, he’s at least going to party until the end.

Our favorite QB of the mid-80s told ESPN’s Outside the Lines earlier this year:

”Short term memory is not good, I probably won’t remember a lot about this interview in about 10 minutes.”  His girlfriend corroborated his claims, saying, “He’s going to the mailbox, and 20 minutes later I see hes still in the kitchen wandering aimlessly around the kitchen saying ‘Where was I going, what was I doing?”

Meanwhile, Jim is still out living his life. Above is from a Chesney concert a couple weeks ago. Below we see the former Bears great yesterday holding court at the American Century Championship golf tournament in Tahoe. Still drinking his beer, saluting memory loss & concussions with an “eff” you bottled cold one.

Quitting at this point would just be giving up.


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