How Did Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian Relationship Not Work Out?


It’s a legit question, if you’re the guy who once said he’d much rather take a concussion than a blind side to his knees. Reggie Bush is in France so there are multiple thoughts popping into his head about the great European nation; like the origin of French fries. Of course it was time for know-it-alls to give Reg a lesson in culinary history. BELGIUM! BELGIUM, YOU MORON!

At least the guy is interesting and willing to mix it up with his 2.5 million followers. Some morons just sit on Twitter RTing birthday wishes and fake “My husband is in Afghanistan” requests. Not Reggie. He’ll go to war over French fries.

Oh yeah my bad I must have missed that part in History class when they taught us the origin of French Fries!

Can the season start fast enough? No. Quarterbacks report on Sunday.

*Reggie, in Paris, taking pictures of a homeless dude’s cat and turning it into an Instagram.

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