Golden Tate Wears Great ‘Wanna Spoon’ Shirt On Double Date With Jimmy Clausen


As we told the Internet a couple weeks ago, Jimmy Clausen had the best offseason of any NFLer. He signed professional volleyballer Jess Gysin to a free-agent girlfriend gig and has been hanging on her ever since. Now comes news that Clausen was able to get Golden Tate to double up with Gysin’s friend @mollykhulsizer for Tuesday’s Dodgers game.

The big news: Tate’s sweet, ‘Wanna Spoon’ shirt.

As for this Molly chick, she seems to be something of a jersey chaser. She goes to Dodgers games with Wanna Spoon, plays flip cup with Dolphins OL Richie Incognito (see below) and shares tweets with ESPN pretty boy Steve Weissman.

Just became an instant follow.

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