Front Row Amy Now Accused Of Being Democrat, Having Implants & Being Bad Mother

Here’s what we know about Brewers’ superfan Front Row Amy: she really doesn’t give two sh*ts what you guys say about her. Just doesn’t care. Still goes to Brewers games. Still sits in that Row 1, Seat 5 seat. 50+ games a year. And now, thanks to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel fluff feature, commentors are destroying her on a variety of subjects.

Those topics include: politics, parenting, her boobs and finances.

Columnist Jim Stingl’s run-of-the-mill, I’m out of story ideas this summer, piece is where we learn that during games Amy doesn’t take bathroom breaks, doesn’t eat and only drinks water. In other words, Stingl didn’t dig up anything readers didn’t know about our favorite implanted Brewers fan.

Of course the comments section of the story was a different story altogether. It’s there that we learn Amy is a scumbag Democrat who signed (unconfirmed) the Scott Walker recall petition. Also, she hates her kids.

Look, Amy isn’t dumb. She knows that making Republicans and real boob fans angry is smart play in Wisconsin. These comments reinforce that she’s a genius.

[Front Row Amy – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Of course there were the conspiracy theorists.

And, finally, Front Row Amy is a bad parent because she goes to 50 Milwaukee Brewers games.

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