Tumblr Photographer In Ghana Has Documented 22 of 32 NFL Team Jerseys


Ever wonder what happens to old NFL jerseys when they become useless to American fans? They end up in countries like Ghana where locals either purchase them or are given jerseys by aid agencies, according to Brendan Rigby. This guy is on a mission – also working for UNICEF – to document Ghanians wearing NFL jerseys. As we reported in early June, Rigby had photographed 14 of 32 NFL teams. He’s now up to 22 teams, including a Broncos #15. JUMP!

Rigby says that most of his subjects have no knowledge of the NFL or the players’ jerseys they wear:

This is a photo essay on discarded and donated National Football League (NFL) jerseys and the people that (re)purchased them. These photographs were taken in and around Ghana in 2012. Each photo was taken with the consent and permission of each person/s. Copies of the photographs were also given to each person/s.

Either I would spend my weekends in Tamale (capital of the Northern Region), wandering and searching, or I would come across someone by chance when I was not searching. I would approach the person using familiar greetings in Dagbani or English, and explain what I was doing and whether I had permission to take their photograph.

Quickly looking through Brendan’s photos, we don’t see Bengals, Jaguars, Buccaneers, Raiders, 49ers or Giants jerseys.

So, instead of burning your T.O. jerseys, donate them to Ghana outreach agencies and there’s a good chance Rigby spots in on the streets.

[Jersey Sure – Tumblr]   [@bjrigby]

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