Tim Tebow Rockies Jersey Spotted Last Night At Coors Field [PHOTO]

The city of Denver cannot get enough of Tim Tebow. Last night the Colorado Rockies had a home game against the Pirates, a seemingly routine baseball game. Until we saw this gem on Twitter. In what world is wearing a Tebow Rockies jersey a good decision. It was never funny. It was never cool. Now the guy is out of Denver and in New York and these idiots continue to wear his name on their back. Here’s to hoping the old guy scanning tickets let this guy hear it for his dumb-ass jersey.

Last night before the game started, @EllisFan14 tweeted out the photo with the following message:

That’s being nice Katie. This is f*cking stupid. The state of Colorado needs to get over Tebowmania and move on. Peyton Manning is a much better QB, so enjoy him while you got him.