Rate Rogers Clemens’ Level Of Being Swagged The F&*# Out [PHOTOS]


Roger Clemens is officially back. Sure, there was the BC report a couple weeks ago about the camo cargo shorts he wore to his son’s baseball game. But this weekend Rocket took his swag to the next level over the weekend at the East Cobb baseball complex in Marietta, Georgia. His son was in town for a 17U tournament. The guy seemed to be kinda quiet after his perjury acquittal, but now the swag is back.

Just look at that belt.

But the real focus is on the rental car key on the lanyard. Have we ever seen a superstar wear his rental key fob on a Texas lanyard? Never. It’s a first. The guy turns 50 on August 4, but he hasn’t lost a step. Even the frosted tips are back.

As you’ll see below, there’s even a white watch in the repatoire.

Recognize, punks.




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