YOU MUST SEE Michelle Jenneke Shakin’ It At 2012 World Junior Championships [VIDEO]

Australian Michelle Jenneke is having a helluva viral run in the U.S. today thanks to this video of her pre-race routine at the recent 2012 World Junior Championships in Barcelona. The 19-year-old is about to become the hottest name in women’s hurdling because (A.) there’s never really been a hot hurdler on the Internet, and (B.) she’s 19. Just turned 19. Go nuts, boys.

She told an Australian website after her race: “My goals for next year are undetermined. I will be chasing good results no matter what and hopefully that allows me to compete more for Australia in the future.”

Um, up next should be a Twitter page and Facebook account. Should’ve happened like months ago when you were 18.

Posted: Over the weekend

Premise Of Video: Michelle shakin’ her ass as a pre-race ritual. Ever see that? Not me.

Climax of Video: The video speaks for itself.

Conclusion: No exemptions available for the 2012 Olympics? It’s no wonder the Games are always money losers. You want to make money? Throw a boat party where Michelle wears her sprinting outfit and chats with single guys. $500 per ticket.