Penn State Girls In Tutus Are Still Posing With The Joe Paterno Statue


How great are these Penn State students protecting, leaving notes and taking photos with the Joe Paterno statue? Love the students. Love the passion. These morons won’t pick up empty Natty cans in their front yards, but they’ll camp on concrete to protect a 900-pound bronze inanimate dead guy. It’s all logical, really. There are even Penn State chicks wearing tutus and posing with the pedo protector.

The tutu twosome showed up yesterday, the same day a plane flew a banner reading “Take down the statue or we will.”

Can’t really blame them. The trustees promise to have a decision on the statue’s fate in 7-10 days.

That leaves very little time for tutu chicks to clear their schedule for a photoshoot. The pimp in the photo, @MacDaddy2o2o, claims to be a PSU Student/Entrepreneur, according to his Twitter account.

The girls? Unidentified.

What does this photo tell us about the mindset right now on the Penn State campus?

1. Penn State students will absolutely destroy State College if the trustees remove the statue

2. Fratties will still use the Joe Paterno statue to their advantage with PSU chicks

3. Thugs won’t attack the statue if chicks wearing tutus are guarding the bronze

4. Catholic school girl socks are still popular with 18-22 set in State College

Are you a hot chick who has taken a photo with the Joe Paterno statue over the last 4-5 days (since the Freeh Report)? Would you consider posing in a Penn State bikini with the 900-pound Paterno statue?

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