‘Today Show’ Confused By Black QBs Mike Vick & Jerrod Johnson B-Roll Tape [VIDEO]

Mike Vick is getting one final PR road trip in before training camp opens this Sunday in Lehigh, PA. Today’s stop was at NBC for the ‘Today Show.’ Just your normal Q&A with Matt Lauer. You know the themes: dog fighting, redemption, large contract, forgiveness, redemption. And then the director called for the Mike Vick b-roll.

Wait, WTF is that? A black QB throwing with his right hand? That’s not Vick, you morons! 

Kudos to Guyism for actually having the DVR rolling.

Posted: This morning

Premise of Video: And NBC wonders why everyone is now watching Good Morning America. You’d never see ESPN’s parent company pull such a stunt.

Climax of Video: Vince Young Jerrod Johnson throwing a football instead of Vick.

Conclusion: Awkward. And Lauer wants to ask about dog fighting? Look, asshole, you worry about your crew getting the right footage and then start asking tough questions. Deal?

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