Mike Trout’s Girlfriend Is Jessica Cox, A Poor Man’s Lauren Tannehill [PHOTOS]


The next great WAG story may be upon us. First we had Lauren Tannehill rock our worlds at the NFL Draft. Now it looks like Mike Trout‘s girlfriend, Jessica Cox, is the sports world’s next darling. As Trout is taking the MLB by storm with his .349 batting average, we are bound to see more of Cox. At first glance, she seems pretty cute. Comparing her to BC favorite Lauren Tannehill? Unlike her boyfriend, we’re not sure she’s ready for the big leagues just yet.

No disrespect to Jessica Cox whatsoever, it just doesn’t appear that she will de-throne the great Lauren Tannehill for WAG of the year. We scoured her Twitter page and pulled the 33 best photos we could find. It would be nice to see some more bikini pics, but beggars can’t be choosers. Actually, screw that. Word on the street is she is currently vacationing in Bermuda, so our wish may come true. Stay tuned!

P.S. Consider Jessica Cox to be a contender for the 2013 MLB Wag Staring Lineups.


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