Blue Jays Fan Traps Foul Ball Between His Legs, Gets Handy [VIDEO]


Ever been caught walking back to your seat at a baseball game carrying a brew and a soft pretzel only to miss out on a foul ball because there is no way a $8 brew and $5 soft pretzel would be dropped for a baseball? Here’s a lesson from this bro’d out Blue Jays fan. Just trap the ball with your junk and get a handy from a fellow Blue Jays fan. That simple, people. 

Is this gay? Of course it is.

Posted: This weekend

Premise of Video: The premise, of course, is if this is gay of a fellow man grabbing a ball that’s stuck between your junk. Would you stick your hand in that spot to help out a guy you don’t know? Was it just a spur of the moment reaction that this guy is now regretting?

Climax of Video: Dude walks away and instantly realizes he’s made one of the gayest decisions in his life. Hell yes he’s just taken part in a gay porn.

Conclusion: Totally changing the subject here, but why hasn’t MLB blocked this video? Those assholes block everything we upload with voice recognition. Meanwhile, this gay moment sits on YouTube for all to see. You come to your own conclusion.

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