Summer Of Tebow Coming To A City Near You [MOMENT OF TEBOW]


The summer of Tebow is officially underway. While #15 is off in sunny California enjoying himself, canoodling and eating sushi with Sanchez and Santonio, youths across the globe are Tebowing in his honor. Personally, we can’t imagine having the skill or balance to even stand up on one of these surf simulators, let alone Tebow on one. Also in today’s Moment of Tebow, a young child from a far-away country has picked up on the Tebowing phenomenon, stretching his legend even further than we could have imagined.

Twitter user @JillsTheSchmitt posted the knee-boarding/Tebowing pic with the following message:

Very good, Jill. We were’nt sure how to Tebow just yet so thanks for clarifying.

The summer of Tebow rolls on…all the way to Nicaragua! That’s right people, Tebow’s influences are being felt in third world countries. This photo was tweeted out by @_itsDev earlier today:

The summer of Tebow rolls on folks. If you have any photos of yourselves or any others enjoying their summer Tebow-style, we want to see them.

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