Paulina Gretzky In Green Bikini – AGAIN – For Grown Ups 2 [PHOTOS]

Tired of Paulina Gretzky green bikini photos from the set of Grown Ups 2? Good, didn’t think so. She didn’t exactly promote these shots with her Twitter account so they slid under the radar on Thursday when everyone was focused on Joe Paterno. Hell yes, let’s get back to some summer fun. If the first Gretzky green bikini pic wasn’t enough for the Internet, how about this one where she’s riding an inflatable dolphin?

As we told you earlier this week, look for Paulina’s movie debut in Adam Sandler’s followup to his Growups hit at some point in the summer of 2013.

Meanwhile, she’s back in L.A. and going back to her normal life dressing as if she’s at a Deadmau5 show.

First thing I’m doing when i get home is making myself look as publicly unacceptable as possible.

Did it all for Sandler.

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