NHL’s Most Flexible Ice Girl: Florida Panthers’ Dancer Karlyn! [50 PHOTOS!]


Teams that go from worst to first in a single season usually corresponds with a big free agent signing or amazing team chemistry. And maybe that happened for the Panthers last year. Honestly, I don’t care enough to do the research to find out. Instead, I’ve decided the turnaround was the work of one single person: Lady Panther Dancer Karlyn.

Just look at this girl. How could you play for a team with her dancing on the sidelines and during intermissions and not play your ass off? Would you really want to let Karlyn down? There can’t be too many NHL Ice Girls that have that kind of flexibility, so when she busts that out on the ice the team pays attention. I know we’ve already declared Karlyn’s teammate Alexis Augusto our favorite NHL Ice Girl, but it looks like she might have some competition on her own squad. Good thing they are friends, or things might get messy!

Know Your NHL Ice Girls: Karlyn

• Karlyn used to dance on a cruise ship.

• Karlyn was just in a video shoot for Jamie Drastik’s song “White Boy Wasted”

• You can follow Karlyn on Twitter or Facebook and check her out in the Panthers 2012-2013 Swimsuit Calendar!

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