F, Marry & Kill Of The Week: Kate Upton, Paulina Gretzky & Hope Solo

The numbers are in. Busted Coverage readers overwhelmingly would kill Hope Solo in a game of F-Marry-Kill. In fact, not a single guy on Twitter or Facebook would ‘eff’ Hope in a game of F-Marry-Kill with Kate Upton and Paulina Gretzky. Our main goal here was to pit Gretzky against Upton in a battle of great sex for one night or married sex for the rest of your life. The results are interesting.

In just an hour of voting, cut off because we want to get to the bar, it seems that men want to risk Kate Upton getting fat on them via a few years of marriage.

The F-Marry-Kill Results:

F Upton: 5     Marry Upton: 15     Kill Upton: 1

F Gretzky: 17     Marry Gretzky: 2   Kill Gretzky: 1

F Solo: 0     Marry Solo: 3     Kill Solo: 18

Exactly. You either get Wayne’s money or Kate Upton bloating to a size 12 after her first kid. We’ve tried to warn you guys that Kate is headed for bloatville by 25. You ever see Paulina Gretzky’s mother, Janet Jones? This is what you’re still tagging at 50. You ever see Kate Upton’s mother?

Just seems like a cut and dry decision, but you guys see a 20-year-old chick with giant cans and get infatuated with settling down.

Don’t fall for the trap.

Have a F-Marry-Kill suggestion? Give us three women. Having a sports theme would help, but isn’t necessary.