Color Footage Of 1953 Tour de France Reveals This Crazy Ass Safari Car [VIDEO]


Ever wondered what the Tour de France was like in 1953? Go buy some acid from your loser buddy and watch this video. This is one minute of 16mm footage from the 1953 race and it’s in high-def. Not kidding. While today’s race is dominated by camera bros on motorcycles and team cars carrying spare bikes and thousands of dollars in electronics, 1953 was more about the circus.

It was weird and so not what we pictured from 1953.

Posted: December 8, 2011

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) This 16mm film is digitised in HD(1376x1024pixels) by Trigger BV in the Netherlands. The film is owned by a customer who authorised Trigger two use the film for this purpose. The complete film takes about 8½ minutes and shows mainly 2 events: the passage in 1954 through Rotterdam and the start of time trial on July 30, 1954 to Epinal. In this shot you see a passage of the peloton in 1953 somewhere in North-East France.

Climax of Video: :35 mark – safari car!

Conclusion: The Tour de France looked much more fun in 1953. Can’t tell us there weren’t a bunch of French guys dropping acid and waiting on the safari car with the giant statue on the back.


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