BC Reader Emails: Can I Post On How To Build A Beer Bong(?), I Want To Be A Pool Boy & Girls At All-Star Game Investigation


As you know, the BC inbox is a batshit crazy place where some of the weirdest assholes on the Internet end up bothering us with the strangest sh*t you’ll ever see. Totally random. Take this week, for example, when a guy wanted us to hook him up with more info on how he could become the Marlins’ Clevelander Bar pool boy. Oh, and there was some strange email about the all-star game.

From Carlos M.

How do I apply for the poolboy Position at the park and the Clevelander I am a certified Open waters diver and a trainee for the Florida marine patrol outfit I’m attending college pursuing a criminal justice career and will make an excellent poolboy for I’m also a DJ and have great people skills and know how to motivate a party My no. is 786 XXX-33XX please let me know because the website (poolboy@clevelander.com )is not working

We’ll pass along your information. Seems like the job should be yours.

From Justine Sexton:

RE: Dirty Ass Alabama Photos

I’m a rare dirty girl in a prudish state like this… LOL.  But it’s the heart of the bible belt, so what else would be expected?

From Tim (no last name):

The MLB All star game had a guy with two girls to his side. One had a low cut top and blonde hair. Look into a little

Like, where? Like, when? Give us a fucking clue where to look.

From Craig:

I was wondering if I could contribute a post on your site regrading how to create a beer bong from scratch?

Thank you,

Only if you bong 18 beers in 10 minutes. Look, we have to have some f-ing rules, you SEO whores.

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