20 Craziest Black Guy Twitter Reactions To Joe Paterno & Freeh Report

Nope, we’re not afraid to dabble with controversial topics that might scare off other sports blogs. Busted Coverage jumped right into Twitter searches for “Paterno Nigga Snitch,” “F*ck Paterno Snitch” & “Paterno Nigga F*ck.” Why? Because we wanted to see how members of the black community reacted to white crime in lily-white Central Pennsylvania. It’s what we do. We investigate.

Have a problem with that, niggas? Find another blog to follow.

And for those of you who think we’re picking on black guys. Not at all. There isn’t another segment of Twitter that keeps it real like black guys. Seriously. Look around. We’ve hammered dorky ass white guys on Twitter harder than any race.

But those of you supporting Paterno because he didn’t snitch, that’s just wrong. Shame on you.

We Are… [Morning Twitpic]
We Are… [Morning Twitpic]
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