Kate Upton PR Rep: Swimsuit Model Wasn’t Drinking Beer At Tigers’ Game


Been wondering what Kate Upton was drinking a in Justin Verlander’s suite at last Friday’s Tigers-Royals game? The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model’s rep is now on the offensive and wants you to know everyone’s favorite 20-year-old bikini model wasn’t breaking any Michigan liquor laws. Aren’t PR reps the greatest?  

According to the sleuths at TMZ:

Kate’s rep insists that’s not what happened … telling TMZ underaged Kate was not drinking beer, and was only there to take in the game with a friend. The rep would not say what Kate was drinking.

You see, Saturday morning we could’ve cared less what Upton was doing at the Tigers’ game. She was enjoying a beer. No biggie. We were more interested in if she was sleeping with Justin Verlander. That’s a much better story, anyway.

But, no, a PR rep has to come out and tell us a lie. Wait, maybe it wasn’t beer. Maybe that’s a margarita. Slick move, Upton PR rep.

Lizzy Glynn isn’t her PR rep. She’s Upton’s bestie who was double dating with Verlander’s good buddy, Frank Viola Jr.


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