Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Courtney Has Best Spray Tan In NFL [PHOTOS]

We’re going to start my 2012 NFL cheerleader journey in a place that is usually not considered a hotbed of cheerleader talent: Baltimore, MD. But if you’ve been paying attention, you know the talent level is on the rise in Ravens country. Take Courtney, for example. This 5’3″ hottie had never even been a cheerleader before the brain trust in the Ravens’ front office snatched her up, threw a skimpy outfit on her and told her to get out there and shake it for Ray Lewis and the boys. Now she’s about to take the world by storm.

God I love the NFL!

Know Your Cheerleaders of the NFL:Courtney

• Courtney is a 5 year vet!

• Courtney loves herself some Swedish House Mafia

• You can follow Courtney on Twitter and check out her Ravens profile page!

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