Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes Go On Sushi Date


All is happy in Jet-land this week after a team outing. Santonio Holmes was all over Twitter and Instagram, posting pics left and right of teammates enjoying a night out on the town. You bet your ass Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez were there. Can’t appear to be any bumps in the road with this team. We give it three weeks until sh*t hits the fan. Until then, check out Gang Green’s adorable sushi date.

Don’t the three of them look adorable together…a match made in heaven. This little team bonding exercise might be the first step in a long, happy season for the Jets. We don’t think it will end happily, but for now, who are we to rain on their parade? Just a few teammates out and about enjoying some good old fashioned fun with sushi and chopsticks.

Holmes was weirdly over-enthusiastic about this on Twitter, essentially live tweeting the evening for fans. We pulled some of the photos, but for the rest of this snooze-fest you’ll have to head over to his Twitter page.


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