Reading Phillies Pull Off Best Home Run Derby Known To Man [VIDEO]


Fans drinking beers on the infield. Crazy interns jumping around on trampolines. Guys grilling hot dogs on the infield. 23 targets. The Reading Phillies went balls to the walls with last night’s Double-A home run derby and it was a huge success. Say hello to the future. Of course you guys are tired of the normal. You want guys hitting baseballs at a chick on a dunk tank. Why? Because that’s fun, right?

According to CSN Philly:

Sprawled out across the infield throughout the Derby were roughly 300 fans who paid extra money to wine and dine on the field. Literally. There were two buffets and five tents serving steak, clams, hot dogs, dessert and adult beverages. After yet another painfully boring Major League Home Run Derby the night before, this felt like more of a party.

Nobody died and all seemed to have a good time, including 28-year-old Chris Rahl, who won the competition which included a crazy scoring system. Instead of the normal, hit a home run and it equals one point, the targets counted for higher values.

Rahl hit the crane in center, giving him the title.

See, Selig, this is how it’s done.

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