Kate Upton Topps Allen & Ginter Autographed Rookie Card Sells For $305

What is the hottest baseball card – not featuring a baseball player – of 2012? It has to be this autographed Kate Upton Topps Allen & Ginter card that is being called her rookie card. Just last night one sold for $305. (Yes, this is a desperate Ms. Upton post, but you guys are infatuated, so why the hell not?) If you think that’s a high price, look at one one seller is now asking for the same card.

$589 – Buy It Now.

Obviously, this is the smartest marketing decision from Topps since slipping the Jerome Walton rookie card into the 1989 Traded set.

According to SportsCardBlog.net, the Allen & Ginter set is huge within the baseball card community.

A&G is a mix between baseball and pop culture. It leans on baseball side, but it also has many current and historical cards to pay homage to the original cards way back in the last 1800s.  It is both an educational and fun product where you have no idea what you might get while opening each pack. While Topps has cut down on some of the non-baseball stuff, it should be packed with a little bit of both.

The cards just hit the market, hence Kate Upton autographed card rush you’re seeing on eBay.

[Buy Kate Upton Autographed Topps Allen & Ginter Cards – eBay]

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