Guess The White NBA Player Holding A Handgun (It’s Not Chris Kaman!)


All you gun nut, Republican, NRA members out there can chill out. We aren’t posting this photo to “bring attention to gun violence in the United States.” Like we care what you guys are doing with guns. This is all about image for the NBA. Nothing scares David Stern like one of his young white guys holding a handgun, especially when that whitey is wearing a ‘Speed Kills’ shirt. Guess that whitey!

Ahh, yes, it’s Indiana Pacers power forward Tyler Hansbrough in a gun shop back in April – on an off day.

Devin Harris, in 2010, estimated that 75% of NBA players owned a gun.

“I mean, look at the situation,” said Harris, who added that he does not own a gun. “A lot of guys have been robbed. A couple of guys, God rest their souls, have passed away. I guess they feel like they need some sort of protection, I don’t know. I can’t speak for everybody. I’d say between 60 and 75% (of players own guns).”

You’ve been warned, punks. Hansbrough might be packing.


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