Great Photo Moments In Athletes Grinding Girls


Listening to Robinson Cano get booed last night at the home run derby brought back so memories for us and the history of Busted. Think way back to Christmas week 2009. Cano and the Yankees had just come off a World Series title, he batted .320 and finished in the MVP voting. We received an email that week from a woman named Maria. She wanted us to see Robbie bending over a blonde in Miami. 

Before Twitter and Facebook exploded it was possible to find a couple athletes bending over girls photos every couple months. Things have dried up.

We miss the good old days when millionaire athletes didn’t mind getting snapped assuming the position. That said, we’re forming a special investigative unit dedicated to ‘Athletes Grinding Girls’ photos. We can also use your help. Be our eyes in the clubs. Send in the visual evidence.

*Yes, we’ll also take sports personalities, coaches, former players, your local sportscaster d-bag, etc.











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