Fox Sports Sideline Reporter Laura McKeeman Named Miss Florida 2012

Nothing like being crowned Miss Florida 2012 to put some pressure on Erin Andrews. Laura McKeeman, a Fox Sports sideline reporter, was named Miss Florida 2012 over the weekend and will compete in January’s Miss America pageant. Meanwhile, Pageviews makes her Fox debut at tonight’s all-star game. Could a sexy sideline rivalry be brewing at Fox over the next several years. It’ll happen if ESPN doesn’t steal McKeeman first. JUMP!

Back in September 2011, BC dubbed McKeeman “The Next Erin Andrews.” Looks like we weren’t too far of with our prediction. While other blogs track stupid garbage like how a baseball team’s minor league system is looking, BC editors have their eyes open for new sideline reporters. This is what we do for a living. BC is the for sideline reporters.

Before being named Miss Florida, McKeeman held the title of Miss Pinellas County 2011. Miraculously, Laura only has 11K Twitter followers. Morons, we’re talking about the future Erin Andrews, here. Get on board now and brag to your buddies when she dominates the competition at Miss America.

Don’t say BC didn’t warn you.

Our 2011 McKeeman scouting report:

• Nice Irish name that rolls off the tongue

• Solid jaw structure, cute cheeks, perfect for TV smiles when interviewing Muschamp

• Multi-talented in ballet, beauty pageants and tour guiding around the UF campus

• Saves squirrels from burning buildings

• Likes SportsNation (watch your back, Beadle)

• ‘Likes’ Nelly, Lil Wayne & Drake (street cred points)

• An impressive 6,600 Twitter follower account

Hunter’s Estimated Hire Date At ESPN or Fox: Already at Fox Florida, could expect move into big leagues by 2013. Just a tad more seasoning and she could have Todd McShay’s job. | @LauraMcKeeman