Ever See A Little League Umpire Rip Off Gear To Fight A Coach? [VIDEO]


This video might be old, but it’s new to us so it’s getting play today as all eyes descend upon Kansas City for the 2012 MLB All-Star Game. Of course you’ve seen pissed off Little League coaches screaming at umpires. Those videos are a dime a dozen. What about a pissed off umpire ripping off his gear to fight a coach? Ever see that? No? Now you have.

The lesson here, kids, is to be careful which umpire you talk sh*t to. Some of them don’t care if they lose a $25/game stipend.

Posted: July 9, 2012

Premise of Video: Umpire is tired of Coach A riding him for a missed call or balls & strikes. Umpire, being the grownup, decides the best way to end his umpiring career at the Little League level is to take off his protection and whip that ass.

Climax of Video: The video guy trying to get a better angle. Multiple times.

Conclusion: Cooler heads prevailed. Isn’t ripping off the gear the dumb move here? You totally prevent Coach A from landing rib shots, limiting your opponent’s ability to work the body. Dumb umpire.

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