Best MLB Home Run Derby Fan Fight Ever? Congrats, K.C.! [VIDEO]


Yep, totally shocked that there was a fan brawl between those Midwesterners in Kansas City last night at the end of the MLB Home Run Derby. The likelihood of a fight at one of these events, in an area that isn’t experiencing baseball flying at fans, is practically 0%. So imagine our glee when this video of some guy kicking another guy’s ass popped into the inbox. 

Again, we try to advise fan fighters that you cannot be a row below a fellow combatant. Reach advantage. How many times do we need to preach it.

Posted: Last 24 hours

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) Two Royals Fans jump a third Royals fan. Watch as the angriest guy I’ve seen does some Kung Fu on this poor dude. The guy in the powder Royals jersey got to spend the night in jail along with his buddy over on the left without a shirt. This happened just as the 2012 Home Run Derby was ending. Stay classy, Kansas City!

Climax of Video: Reach advantage, dammit. See what happens. Your ass eats a punch. Always happens.

Conclusion: First time anyone has used those seats since ’85.

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