The 8 Sexiest WWE Divas Of 2012


BC kicked off our inaugural Wrestling Week last November. We stirred up some serious conversation and debate and really pissed off some wrestling nerds. Hinging off of its successes, we’re back for Wrestling Week: Round 2! Kicking it off are the 8 Sexiest WWE Divas of 2012! Some of the names might not pop off the page, but these girls bring the heat every week on Raw and Smackdown.

Instead of revisiting our post on the top divas of all time, we have decided to stick to the present. You may not realize but the WWE has a pretty solid lineup of ladies at the moment. Yes, gone are the glory days of Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler and Sable, but trust us when we say there are still some very sexy reasons to tune in.

8. Rosa Mendes

Real Name: Milena Leticia Roucka | Age: 33 | Role: Manages Primo and Epico

Did You Know: Rosa is the ex-girlfriend of former WWE star Batista


7. Cameron

Real Name: Ariane Nicole Andrew | Age: 24 | Role: Dancer for Brodus Clay

Did You Know: She has two degrees, one in business marketing and one in psychology.


6. Aksana

Real Name: Živilė Raudonienė | Age: 30 | Role: Wrestler/Manager of Antonio Cesaro

Did You Know: Prior to wrestling, Aksana enjoyed a successful career as a bodybuilder.


5. Alicia Fox

Real Name: Victoria Elizabeth Crawford | Age: 26 | Role: Wrestler

Did You Know: Alicia Fox used to work as a pizza delivery girl.


4. Layla

Real Name: Layla El | Age: 35 | Role: Wreslter

Did You Know: Prior to joining the WWE, Layla danced for Carnival Cruises, Kanye West and the Miami Heat.


3. Eve

Real Name: Eve Marie Torres | Age: 27 | Role: Wrestler

Did You Know: Eve went to the University of Southern California…on full academic scholarship.


2. Kelly Kelly

Real Name: Barbara Jean Blank | Age: 25 | Role: Wrestler

Did You Know: Kelly is currently dating NHL player Sheldon Souray of the Anaheim Ducks.


1. A.J.

Real Name: April Jeanette Mendez | Age: 25 | Role: Wrestler

Did You Know: A.J. is a big fan of geek culture, admitting a love for comics and video games.


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