Brittany Oldehoff Models World’s First Rob Gronkowski Inspired Bikini [PHOTOS]


Will Rob Gronkowski file a copyright suit against a Florida bikini company for using his Gronk moniker on bikini bottoms? Look at what has happened to the bikini world. Ravish Sands, a South Florida bikini company, this weekend debuted its Gronk bikini via the body of bikini model Brittany Oldehoff. Is this not the highest honor to Team Jizz Blaster’s top meathead?

Of course it is.

How many other NFL players have their names on bikinis? None that we can think of. Is this the most brilliant marketing move of the summer? Of course it is. @RavishSands starts the morning with 499 followers. They introduce a Gronk bikini. Internet sites, desperate for content during the all-star break, write posts. Yahoo’s Shutdown Corner writes a post, Yahoo! editors put the story on the from of because they know dorky white guys will click and Ravish Sands gets free viral buzz.

That’s how it’s done, Internet.

As for the Gronk bikini model, Ms. Oldehoff was a contestant on season 7 of Project Runway and season 2 of Models of the Runway. She’s 5-11; 34-24-34. @brittoldehoff begins the morning just 66 followers shy of 5,000. She’s one Gronk RT away from 6,000 followers.

Still waiting on info for ladies wanting to buy the Gronk bikini. Let’s face it, ladies, if you aren’t wearing one of these, how will men know you’re easy and down for having bar sex?



[Ravish Sands]   [Official: Brittany Oldehoff]

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