Police Handcuff Little League Parents In Georgia Baseball Brawl [Cuff ‘Em]


Remember, parents, little Bryce is 99.9% likely going pro in something other than baseball so no need to fight other parents at a Little League game. What? He might get a $50,000 college scholarship from baseball? Hell yes, throw down on the opposing parents! Here we go, welcome to Georgia where parents don’t mind whoopin’ some ass at a game. Get it, biggins’.

*See how many SEC logos you can spot in this video. Definitely saw Auburn and Georgia represented.

Posted: July 7, 2012

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) Dads duking it out at a 12 year old little league allstar game in Georgia. Two men cited for disorderly conduct, no arrests made. Randy Marsh would be proud

Climax of Video: Solid ground game from that white guy. Rear naked choke!

Conclusion: Yes, Good Morning America ran this video – this morning. We can only assume this will lead to parents being separated by cages. Want to watch your son play baseball? Into the cage. “Set an example, guys,” says one old timer. C’mon, gramps, this is about college scholarships. Examples can suck it.

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