Wisconsin Dizzy Bat Home Run Derby Highlighted By ‘Heather’ Going Yard Off Foul Pole [VIDEO]


IT’S HOME RUN DERBY TIME! BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, IT’S NOT LANDING UNTIL IT HITS EASTBOUND I-70. THAT BALL IS HEADED FOR OKLAHOMA! BACK, BACK, BACK & THIS ONE IS GONNA GET WET! (Enter your variation of Chris Berman call here.) Anyway, a bunch of foreigners and Prince Fielder will try to hit dongs tonight on ESPN. Meanwhile, Wisconsin already held its dizzy bat HR Derby.

It went well.

:20 mark is where you’ll want to keep hitting replay.

Posted: July 8, 2012

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) A sister’s built up aggression is displayed in a battle of dizzy bat. Wisconsin drinking games at its finest. Who wouldn’t want to chug a miller, spin around and hit a beer can? The only problem is that you’re not supposed to hit your opponent in the face, that was pure luck resulting in comedic gold.

Climax of Video: :20 mark. REPLAY, BITCHES!

Conclusion: ‘Heather’ had to play college softball, right? Perfect stance even after the dizzy portion of the game is impossible for a rookie, right?

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