Birmingham, Alabama Is Trying To Get An NBA Team [PHOTOS]


The city of Birmingham, Alabama is trying to get it’s own NBA team “not only for the entertainment but also to help local businesses and create jobs in the city of Birmingham”. The movement has it’s own official website, Twitter account, their own song, and videos about them. According to the website, this movement was started by a 15 year old and is gaining steam. Would you go to an NBA game in Birmingham, Alabama? JUMP!

Have something from the NBA today that we missed? Spotted a hot chick we need to investigate? Do your thing.

The NBA is actually interested in this and the Twitter account has 6,000 followers. Even former Alabama Crimson Tide running back Mark Ingram is a follower of the account. This could all be some elaborate prank and if so, they fooled a lot of people. Regardless, this is hilarious.

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