Alleged Naked Photos Of Jim Irsay & Mistress Peddled To Busted Coverage

The email came in June 23 from a guy named ‘Tom.’ He claimed that he had possession of a few nude pictures of Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and wanted to know how much we were willing to pay for them. In the follow-up email, Tom claimed his friend’s daughter was having an affair with Irsay and that the photos would should such. Did we buy the photos?

Nope, but BC did get one freebie from Tom before he broke off negotiations.

Using the email provided by Tom, we were able to determine that he’s a Tampa resident who has had trouble staying out of jail over the past few years. We also checked his email address in a Google search and it returned this Facebook account.

“Thank you for your time I didn’t know who to ask about this its just I have 5 kids and figured maybe I could make some money hear,” Tom wrote on June 26.

Not much of a computer user, the photo pimp had trouble sending us a sample image, instead telling us he’d have his wife help. “Where are you located I’m in Tampa. Florida is their any way we could meet rather than sending anything? I don’t really know who to trust or what the value on what I have is if they are what they appear to be,” he said via email on June 29.

We kept pressing him for a sample via email and got the above photo on July 4. Still not sold that it was Irsay, our negotiation team asked for a better sample and for Tom to name a price, to which we were told this earlier today. In all, 28 emails were traded with Tom.

Which lead Thomas to keep shopping the pics.

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