20-Year-Old Kate Upton Drinking Beer At Tigers Game [VIDEO]


Look, I could totally care less that an underage Kate Upton was pounding draft beers last night at the Detroit Tigers game. What underage chick out there hasn’t been hammered at a baseball game before her 21st birthday. Big f-ing deal! The real story here is that Kate drinking draft beer with that body is a recipe for disaster. Let’s be honest, that beer is going straight to her gut & thighs. Not cool.

We’re talking about a slippery slope here. Seven or eight brewskis over a weekend and that’s like an extra 1,200 calories. We all know the chicks who drink too many drafts during their freshman and sophomore years. A little belly roll turns into a mini-FUPA. Next thing you know, the chick you’d sleep with sober becomes a 6-packer.

Let’s slow down, Upton.


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