Which Super Bowl Champion Is A Front Runner To Be Kelly Ripa’s Next Co-Host?


Kelly Ripa has been without a co-host ever since Regis left the show on November 18 of last year. Yes, Kelly is still a total babe at the ripe age of 41, but being without a co-host on one of the most popular talk shows is no walk in the park. The search for a new co-host has been a lengthy one, bringing in tons of randoms from the world of entertainment. Everyone from Tyler Perry to Kim Kardashian to D.L. Hughley has been brought in…but one Super Bowl champion is in the final three. Who is it?

Yep, it’s ol’ gap-tooth, Michael Strahan. Reports are in that the former New York Giant is one of three finalists vying for the co-host role. The other two finalists are SNL veteran Seth Meyers and singer/song-writer Josh Groban. Meyers is pretty funny, but BC is all for having Strahan joining forces with Kelly. For some reason these two seemed to have great chemistry and it would be interesting to see them working together moving forward. You know, because we watch so much Live! With Kelly Ripa.

Below, check out a clip from Strahan’s guest hosting stint last week.

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