Tony Parker’s New Look Post Drake/Chris Brown Brawl

In case you missed it, Tony Parker was caught in the middle of an ugly scrum between Chris Brown and Drake last month. Things escalated and Parker ended up in surgery after shards of glass ended up in his eye. Enter the new specs. We understand he needs to wear them to prevent blindness, but we’re just not feeling it. Not sure if its the stupid face he’s making or the glasses themselves.

Tony Parker posted this photo to his account earlier today with the following message:

July 6, 2012 First practice with the glasses lol

Can’t blame the guy for wanting to protect his vision, but did he have to announce his new look in this manner. Eva Longoria makes the news this week because she’s banging Mark Sanchez, and this is how Parker responds? Where are the photos of models wearing your glasses in bed? We wanna see big things from you in London, Tony. France isn’t that far away, call up some of your model friends and give Eva something to sweat about.